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Yesterday, I attended AlterConf here in Atlanta. Thanks to The Iron Yard for sponsoring the event and giving me a chance to attend. Here are my takeaways from some of the talks:

The 12 Year Old I.T. Guy, Nicholas Black

  • It's not who you are that holds you back. Telling yourself you're not something is what holds you back.

Why Diversity in Video Games Matters, Imran Khan

  • "Video games where I can identify with the main character are more engaging than video games where I cannot."
  • 80% of black characters in video games are in sports games.

Context for People of Color, Juwan Platt

  • There is a lack of context in the community about how coding fits into the world.
  • Context → content → diversity

Being a Parent in Tech, Liberty White, John McSwain, and Alex Bowers Schoen

  • Talk to managers and others about what will work for you.



Professionally Prepared but Not Pioneer Prepared, Monica F. Cox

  • In 2012, there were about 150 female African American engineering professors in the U.S.
  • "I was prepared to be a professor, but I was not prepared to be a pioneer."

The Labors of Inclusivity, Mariam Asad & Sarah Schoemann

Job Listing Minesweeper, Pamela Vickers

  • Mines:
    • We like a homogeneous team
    • Rigid requirements
    • Vague structure/policies
    • Zealously mediocre
    • Aggressive language

The Experience of Access, Laurel Lawson

  • Everyone on a team is responsible for UX.
  • Accessibility means people can use what you build in the manner of their choice.
  • Our architecture should not dictate how people use what we build.
  • Even in diverse teams, vision is limited. A team of 4-8 people can only have so much diversity.
  • Diverse user bases are bigger and more profitable.
  • Access to culture, access to education, access to space
  • Access should be easy.

My Overall Takeaways: