LWIMW3: Trail Magic

I just finished my submission for Look What I Made Weekend 3. Look What I Made Weekend (LWIMW) is a chance for people to create something over the course of 48 hours. The concept is based on Ludum Dare and other game jams, but for LWIMW you don't have to make a game. Instead, you are free to pursue any creative endeavor and show off your results at the end.

NB: The content below is mostly a reprint of my submission at LWIMW.

My project is an interactive website that will be part of the companion site to a book my friend Scott Thigpen is writing. I didn't quite start from scratch on this project. This image shows the progress I had made before the weekend. You can also view it on the web.


The other images show the current status after the weekend.

I made a lot of progress this weekend. I added GPS routes to the map, added a table of contents, added marker clustering, improved the graphic design (CSS and basemap), and added about 25% of the final content.



The only essential things I have left to do are adding the rest of the content, working with my friend on palette and graphics, and tweaking some small things.

You can view the current state of the Trail Magic site here.

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